A downloadable game for Windows

In this game you try to give your friend your love, but the more hearts you have, the less you see. 
The game mechanics are; WASD for walking. E to interact (hold close to the heartbox to gain hearts), right mouseclick to change camera angle and middle mouse button to zoom. You can get a light flash with Q. This wil cost you 10 hearts, and the lightbox gives you light for a few seconds.The amount of hearts you need for a skull door and for your friend are both 30. 
You can see how much hearts you have in the bottom left.
We hope you enjoy playing our game!

PS The game is not finished due to a lack of time, but have fun playing it anyway!

Edit: 2/23/2019:9.58 fixed some bugs in switches and UI.

2/23/2019:11.15 fixed door collider bug.

2/23/2019:11.33 added help ui.

3/4/2019:21.06 actually used the correct soundtrack (was made during jam)


FallinginLove.zip 36 MB


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I've got to so, this is definitely an interesting concept and it is quite well done. I do believe the music could improve but it does indeed fit the mood. I feel like the controls are quite slippery but that helps higher the difficulty. Well done! 

Thanks for the kind words! Amazing to see that you liked it. The controls can be polished a little more, but this indeed makes the game more challenging. Thanks for playing!

Love the little light trail. I could walk straight through the first door though when it was closed haha. 

Thanks for letting us now about the bug :), we didnt even find that ourselves. Hope you had fun playing!